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Fashion Week Inspired Bridal Trends: Paint it Black

Incorporating black into bridal couture isn’t completely original–but maybe that’s a good thing. The looks we’ve seen so far for Spring 2016 often use black in a way that’s sophisticated and refined– not just as shock value. Here, some of … Continue reading

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October Opals

Our favorite October birthstone? Opal! This gemstone looks like many colors depending on the light–a quality which led ancient people to develop many beliefs about the magical powers of opals. Here, a little background on this opulent–and intriguing–gemstone.   Roman … Continue reading

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Promise Rings 101

From mild-mannered Victorians to Miley Cyrus, promise rings have a unique place in the culture of romance. This pre-matrimonial trend piece can have a wide range of meanings, and comes in numerous styles. Here are the basics: What They Mean … Continue reading

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Bridesmaid Gift Etiquette

For most brides to be, bridesmaids are instrumental. Whether brainstorming wedding ideas, handling emergency wardrobe fixes, or just lots of emotional support, they’re there for you. A bridesmaid gift is both a token of appreciation and a way to remember … Continue reading

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Backup Bands: 3 Takes

If you live a life of leisure, no need to read on–go back to lounging and eating grapes. For the rest of us, losing or damaging a wedding ring is a real possibility given the threats of everyday life. Activities … Continue reading

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Sapphire: The September Birthstone

Ever get the feeling that you’re celebrating a birthday just about every week come September? Well, it’s not just you–September is the most popular month to be born in! Just check out this infographic to see how it stacks up … Continue reading

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What The Cut Of Your Engagement Rings Says About Your Wedding Style

The cut of your engagement ring–or ideal engagement ring!–can say a lot about you. Here, some of the hottest cuts on the market, and what they suggest about the wearer’s style.   Cushion Cut: Glamour, But Grounded Classic Cushion Cut … Continue reading

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Daytime to Date Night: Fun Fall Date Nights and Outfits That’ll Take You There

As the laid-back days of summer draw to a close, it’s time to start considering how you and your partner can keep the romance alive in the season to come. Date night is a staple of many successful couples. Institute … Continue reading

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Three Takes on Rustic Chic Wedding Dress Code

“Rustic chic” dress codes are common for outdoor weddings in late summer and fall. These ranches, vineyards, re-purposed barns, and other more bucolic venues invite a rusty chic aesthetic beyond the constraints of a more receptions. Try these tricks to … Continue reading

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Dreamy Destination Proposal Ideas

Need some romance in your life? Meet your latest addiction: It’s perhaps the most exhaustive–and “aw”-inspiringly sweet–collection of unforgettable proposal stories on the internet. Some of our personal favorites are the destination proposals–I mean, does it get much better … Continue reading

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