Taking care of your diamond engagement ring

You’ve finally received the most important piece of jewelry of your life… You want to wear your engagement ring even in your sleep! but you’ll also want to keep it safe and sound, looking as bright as the first time you saw it. Diamonds might be the hardest stones on earth, but they’re still prone to cracking and other kinds of damages. Here are some infallible tips on how to take care of your favorite ring.


1 – Be extra careful with your ring when you’re in public spaces, we’d recommend not taking it off! Leaving jewelry in public restrooms is a common thing, or even worse: dropping it down the toilet! Don’t even take that risk.

2- Don’t wear your ring when you’re doing tasks or chores. Even gardening, working in the kitching or lifting something heavy could potentially crack your diamond.

3- Makeup first, then jewelry. Cosmetics can damage diamond jewelry, incluiding but not limited to lotions, perfumes and hairspray.

4- Keeping your jewelry clean: The best you can do is take it to jeweler that can get it properly steamed cleaned if you notice that the ring is looking somewhat dirty.

5- Never do your laundry while wearing your ring: Bleach and other chemicals can dull the finish of the ring or harm the gems.

6 – Remove your diamond jewelry before you take a swim or do sports: Chlorinated water can cause potential structural damage, and any kind of quick movement or hard blow while playing sports could loosen the stones of your ring.

For more information about caring for all types of jewelry, visit our Jewelry Care section in our Szul Jewelry Guide.

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