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The Ring Finger

Wedding rings are a staple of modern day society and the surefire way of telling if someone is engaged or married is by checking their left hand.We also know that engagement and wedding rings go on the fourth finger of … Continue reading

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Hot Trend In Holiday Gift Giving: Two Stone Diamond Jewelry For Couples

The latest fine jewelry trend makes gift giving easier than ever: two stone diamond jewelry. Perfect for anniversaries, holidays, and any other time you’d like to make extra clear just how much your love your spouse or partner, two stone … Continue reading

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Anniversary Awesome – Three Stone Pendants At Black Friday Prices

  Traditionally, the three-stone style represents past, present, and future–making them an especially sweet anniversary gift. Increasingly, three stone pendants have also been used to signify families of three–so if you’ve recently added a little one to your family (even … Continue reading


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Traditional Anniversary Gifts For Your 20th, 25th, and 30th Years Together

  Anniversary Gifts – 20th, 25th, and 30th by rikkim featuring a 14k ring   20th Anniversary: Platinum True love is rare. Celebrate it with platinum, rarest of metals. It doesn’t tarnish or wear out–so it’ll be just a pretty … Continue reading

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Traditional Anniversary Gifts For Your 10th, 11th, and 12th Years Together

Today’s world can be tough on couples. Long hours, long commutes, rising costs of childcare and healthcare–perhaps it’s no wonder divorce rates are so high. But if you make it to these big anniversaries, chances are, you’ve found something really … Continue reading

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