Traditional Anniversary Gifts For Your 10th, 11th, and 12th Years Together

Today’s world can be tough on couples. Long hours, long commutes, rising costs of childcare and healthcare–perhaps it’s no wonder divorce rates are so high. But if you make it to these big anniversaries, chances are, you’ve found something really special–and someone who brings you joy every day, no matter how hectic it gets. Bring a little extra joy to the special occasions you share with these classic anniversary gifts.


Anniversary Gifts, Years 10-12



10 Years

Diamonds are the traditional gift for couples celebrating their first decade together. It’s customary to go with more classic, timeless styles for this occasion.


11 Years

Fashion jewelry is the official 11th anniversary gift. Basically, “fashion jewelry” describes pieces in trendier cuts and styles. Just because it’s a little edgier doesn’t mean it should be poorly made, or made from cheap materials–much of today’s fashion jewelry is much more high quality than the costume jewelry of old, and certainly more appropriate for an anniversary gift.


12 Years

Pearls time! Whether it’s the classic strand or something a bit more modern, give the gift that is always elegant.


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