Bridesmaid Gift Etiquette

For most brides to be, bridesmaids are instrumental. Whether brainstorming wedding ideas, handling emergency wardrobe fixes, or just lots of emotional support, they’re there for you. A bridesmaid gift is both a token of appreciation and a way to remember what may well be a rare–and happy!–reunion for your crew.


What To Get

Jewelry is a classic choice–especially bracelets. Details like birthstones or initial pendants are a great way to personalize pieces. Coordinating pieces can make for a cute wedding day look, and some fun photos! When choosing an item you should take the tastes of each bridesmaid into account, this is their gift after all! One solution is to pick different pieces for each bridesmaid. You could also pair an item of jewelry with another gift, like a pretty jewelry box or display case.


Birthstone Jewelry



How to Give

It’s up to you when and how you want to present the gifts. Typically, gifts are given the day before the ceremony. This is obviously preferable if you’d like the bridesmaids to wear the gifts for the wedding. It also tends to be a little easier logistically–after the wedding, things can get a bit chaotic.


Initial Pendants


What to Spend

Base your budget on how much your bridesmaids are expected to spend. If they’re buying their own dresses, plane tickets, etc. you might want to spend a bit more. It’s okay to keep things budget friendly for smaller-scale affairs, or if you’re giving multiple gifts. $75-$150 is the general range most experts recommend staying in, though it’s okay to go lower if the item’s actual market value is higher; for example, Szul is able to offer many pieces that would normally retail for $200 plus for under $100.


Zodiac Pendants


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