Backup Bands: 3 Takes

If you live a life of leisure, no need to read on–go back to lounging and eating grapes. For the rest of us, losing or damaging a wedding ring is a real possibility given the threats of everyday life. Activities like dishwashing, commuting, fixing the shower drain, and even fun stuff, like travelling and gardening, can all take a toll on your fine jewelry. That’s why more and more couples are electing to buy “backup bands”–less expensive pieces to replace their wedding bands for day to day wear. Backup bands may be practical, but it can be tricky to find one that still feels special and significant. Here, some tips for picking out the perfect backup.

A Perfect Pair

Metal Wedding Bands and Matching Backup Bands


If your wedding band is a simple gold or platinum piece, it will be relatively easy to replicate. Gold plated silver or copper gives you that same look at a fraction of the price. For platinum, try a titanium ring– similar in color and texture, but generally less expensive. Silver and titanium are less durable than more expensive metals, but for the price, easy to replace when needed. White topaz and cubic zirconia both work as more cost effective options for diamonds and other gems.

Sisters, Not Twins

Wedding and Backup Bands


You don’t need to replicate your real wedding band. In fact, a backup band can offer you a chance to play with different styles! These versions are so inexpensive, you can afford to experiment a little. You will probably want at least some similarities between the bands to tie them together, such as the tone of the metal, cut of the stones, or overall shape.

Don’t Forget the Engagement Ring!

Engagement bands and Backup Versions


Last but not least, why not invest in backup version of your engagement band? Same rules apply for cutting costs–smaller stones, more common metals, topaz and other lower-cost gemstones.

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