DO Flatter Yourself: How To Pick Earrings That’ll Make Your Eye Color Pop

Eyeshadow just isn’t for everyone. As a gal with hooded eyes and shaky hands, I know I’ve always looked longingly at the various magazine articles on the magic of a that perfect eye color/shadow combo to make your eye color pop. Turns out, there’s a simple way to get the uber-flattering look that makes cosmetics optional: gemstone earrings. Here’s how to create a killer combo that’ll have you loving your natural eye color that much more.


Consult the Color Wheel


The easiest way to determine what color will work best for you is to consult the color wheel. Find your natural eye color on the wheel, then go for the shade opposite your hue.


Of course, it’s not always so simple, especially if your irises are multicolored. Blogger Sarah of Beauty Point of View offers some additional insight in her post on the topic. Sarah explains not to take the rule of opposites too literally; she writes:


As an example:  I have hazel eyes.  In the dark (or night time), they turn more brown; in daylight, especially on sunny days, they turn green.  I also have hints of honey shades in there.  Your eye colour may be the same, you could have blue eyes with bits of green; or green eyes with hints of teal or mustard etc.  It all depends on which shades you’d like to play up or simply what you feel comfortable with ;):


In other words? Think about the particular hue you’d like to bring out, then go for there. You can play around by holding different color cards, like those you can get to test paint, or take advantage of Szul’s “no questions asked” 30 day return policy to try a couple versions.


Meddle With Your Metals


There are two strategies for figuring out which metal will work best for you. The old-school route is to pick a metal based on your skin’s undertones–gold for warm, yellow-based undertones, silver for cool, blue-based undertones. To figure out which undertone you have, look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. If they’re greenish, you have warmer undertones; blue, cooler.


Alternately, you can pick a metal based on your eye color. If your eyes are a cooler shade, like gray or blue, go with a warmer gold setting. If they’re a warmer color, like brown or yellow-hazel, go with a silver setting.


When In Doubt, Wiki


Need some extra help figuring out just how to describe your eye color? Wikipedia’s entry on eye colors is quite comprehensive–and quite interesting! Even if you think you have a pretty good grip on what’s going on in your irises, reading up on your shade can offer a little extra insight.


Ready to get going on your signature combo? Check out the full lineup of gemstone earrings on!

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