Three Ways to Feather

One spring 2016 bridal trend setting fashionista’s hearts aflutter? Feathers! Long and drapey, short and tousled, white, blush, and back, pretty plumage took flight on this fall’s runways. Scroll down for some of the most interesting looks–and jewelry picks inspired by them!


Old School Opulence


Bridal Feathers


Feathers–particularly large ones, such as ostrich plumes–have an old-Hollywood glamour that screams luxe. Compliment that silver screen diva vibe with the accoutrements befitting a star: diamonds and pearls in generous portions.


Make it Pop


Short Feathered Bridal Dress


Kelly Faetanini’s bridal mini dress is scaled back and sleek–except for, oh, that poof of rosy feathers! Take a cue from this dress and try out scaled back designs with one pop: big stone, a burst of color or texture,  an unusual structural element.


Add A Touch Of Whimsy




Weddings can get stressful fast. While your commitment to one another should be serious, your celebration should be fun. Need a little reminder? Then add a pretty detail or two that looks at home and elegant, but still has that bit of whimsy to it that’ll keep things light. That’s what Caroline Herrera’s design does, with it’s fluffy accents breaking up what could be a rather severe column style. And that’s what these pieces of bridal jewelry do, too, with fun details like bows, a snowflake structure, and key shape.


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