Halloween Costume Classics: Building A Grown Up Costume

If you’re over cheap, uncomfortable, bizarrely revealing Halloween costumes, it’s time to consider developing a more timeless look–one that can serve you for many seasons to come.

Arguably, a classic costume ensemble is as vital to a well curated wardrobe as an LBD. It’s one which will last your year after year, growing more polished as you add new elements. Oh–and it’ll continue to be a great excuse to invest in the kind of quality jewelry that can go from costume to cosmopolitan, fast!


1920’s Flapper


Flappers & Pearls



Flapper costumes are a perennial favorite. They’re easy and elegant, and most of the components can be repurposed for non-costume use. They’re also a great excuse to invest in pearls–the more, the better. Wear strands in moderation to look polished at work, girly going out, or family ready for the more formal holidays. Pile them all on for Halloween events to get a look that’s flirty but not cheap.


Morticia Adams/Witch

Morticia Adams Style Jewelry



The first lady of all things witchy-chic, Morticia is found of her jewels. In earlier episodes, she often wears a large pendant style necklace–later on, she rocks the layered ring trend way before any of us mere mortals were doing so. Get her look with glamorous, rich pieces featuring black diamonds and garnets. They’ll look right at home with a uber-pale face and slim fitting gown on Halloween, and chic paired with a simple sheath dress for the office. This look/collection also works with more generally witchy looks–just add a pointy hat!


Bride of Frankenstein


Bride Of Frankenstein



…or zombie bride, ghost bride…. the possibilities are endless. Point is, you get another chance to wear a wedding dress, year after year after year! Just slap on some pale or bloody makeup, and add your jewels. Traditional bridal looks, like simple pendants, studs or elegant drop earrings, etc. are easy to “twist” with black diamonds–and yes, because the look is so simple, it’s super easy to incorporate into other looks. Oh, and you might want to try on a “new” wedding ring a little more seasonally appropriate, like this one!


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