Trend Alert! Stackable Rings Going Strong In Fall 2015

Stackable rings are a 2015 trend we can’t get enough of. Here’s why we dig the stack this season!


Long Sleeve Proof

Like a fresh take on the classic charm bracelet, stackable rings offer a way to pack in personality and variety while maintaining a signature, clean look. Unlike a charm bracelet, fingers full of stacked rings are still easy to show off once the long sleeves come out.




Stackable rings make great  gifts. What’s more, a one-time gift of stackable rings can actually make for the start of a sweet and meaningful tradition, as you include new designs to reflect new memories.




Girl Scout Badges for Big Girls

You know how tough guys in movies get tattoos to commemorate their tough-guy accomplishments? Stackable rings offer an alternative for celebrating skills and special occasions that’s fashionably on the spectrum between tats and girl scout badges.


Conversation Starters


Fidgeting fingers are a hallmark of nervousness. When yours are adorned in stackable rings, though, you’ve always got a story at hand.

A quick word of caution: as with any trend, stackable rings are offering by a lot of lower-end retailers, who often use cheap materials to keep prices down. Szul accomplishes the same price slashing without sacrificing on quality by operating exclusively online. Get the look and lasting power with stackable rings now at!

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