Spotlight on New Arrivals: Stunning Gifts for The Holiday Season

Get started early on your holiday gift giving–or just get your gift list together now to share come Thanksgiving! Some recently added gifts to keep an eye on Black Friday:


Open Diamond Fashion Ring

Elegance meets edge in this open claw clamp ring. It’s the perfect statement piece to add some serious oomph to even the most minimalist looks.


THE Engagement Ring

Untitled design (4)


This stunning diamond ring could be a statement piece–or it could be a perfect pick for a very special proposal.


Gemstone Earrings

We “heart” these pretty, simple pieces. For a look that’s sure to flatter, check out L’Oreal’s guide to choosing the right color to accentuate different eye colors, and apply their tips to choosing a gemstone that will compliment the wearer–and garner the wearer compliments, too!
See more new additions to the Szul diamond and gemstone jewelry collection at

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