Where Do Tennis Bracelets Get Their Name From?

As much as we do believe tennis bracelets to be versatile pieces for any occasion, tennis courts are not the first place that comes to mind. This simple, classic style feels more soiree than sweatband. So why on earth is it called a tennis bracelet?



Two words: Ice Maiden.


No, any younger–or sports oblivious–readers: that’s not a Game of Thrones reference. The Ice Maiden was a nickname for Chris Everts, a former-top ranked tennis champion known for her ability to remain cool in high-stakes matches. At the 1987 US open, her bracelet–a bezel set diamond strand in a style known at the time as an eternity bracelet–broke. Everts requested a pause to recover the missing pieces–or “ice” if you will.


Everts was already a media darling, whose good looks, impeccable fashion sense, and romances were well covered. The press went wild over the image of the Ice Maiden calmly gathering her “ice,” if you will–and their coverage led to a public craze for what would thereafter be known as tennis bracelets.


Today, the term tennis bracelet refers to any bracelet in which many small gemstones are set and linked in a narrow chain. It’s a classic look–though perhaps best suited to after the game. Tennis bracelets make great gifts–they’re simple, tasteful, and timeless presents suitable for anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays. Shop our collection here!


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