Three Takes on Rustic Chic Wedding Dress Code

“Rustic chic” dress codes are common for outdoor weddings in late summer and fall. These ranches, vineyards, re-purposed barns, and other more bucolic venues invite a rusty chic aesthetic beyond the constraints of a more receptions. Try these tricks to find a look that’ll feel right at home.


Strategy #1: Western Darling


Rustic Wedding



Think cowgirl with class. This look has the potential to go from hip to Halloween, so make sure to balance signature western accessories with more sophisticated or neutral pieces. Fringe and boots pair stylishly with polished matching gemstone sets, like this collection of amethyst jewelry, which is easy enough to store and carry with you to dress up–or down–at the ceremony.


Strategy #2: Fun-Flowers


Rustic Chic



Fine jewelry in floral designs is a great way to get the best of both worlds. Harnessing the elegance of diamonds without the potential stuffiness is key to being rustic and chic. Florals in darker, more neutral, or monochrome patterns are a great way to look dressed up and grounded–exactly what you’re going for at this kind of wedding.


Strategy #3: Embroidered and Engraved





Embroidery is a late summer trend that can be dressed up or down. Pair embroidered pieces with vintage style jewelry featuring engraved or embossed designs. To keep the look from getting too folksy, stick to one peice, like a dress, shoes, cover-up, or clutch.

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