Daytime to Date Night: Fun Fall Date Nights and Outfits That’ll Take You There

As the laid-back days of summer draw to a close, it’s time to start considering how you and your partner can keep the romance alive in the season to come. Date night is a staple of many successful couples. Institute it now so that you can plan ahead. Make it work–no matter how crazy things get at the office–with these date ideas and tips for transitioning your look from worker bee to wow-za on the fly.


Catch an Improv Show

Improv shows are all about, well, improvisation. This means the experience you’ll have as audience members will be unique, making them way more exciting than stand-up acts. Best case scenario, you’ll laugh because it’s great; worst case scenario, you’ll laugh because it’s terrible.


Daytime to Date Night


Fun fact: comedy clubs were once all about formal wear. Jeans may be more common now, but there’s still room to sparkle. They’re a great place to play with “louder” and more fun looks–the kind that aren’t necessarily appropriate for the boardroom. Fortunately, gemstone jewelry, like these pink topaz pieces, is bright enough to pack a punch but light enough to pack in your purse. Begin the day in more conservative silver and sapphires, and when it’s time to clock out, trade out classic studs for statement earrings, switch out stackable rings, swipe on lipstick et voila!– you’re all set for a night on the town!


Indulge in Academia

Most college campuses regularly host lectures which are open to the public. Stimulate your minds, stroll campus, then go discuss over a nice wine–or beers at the local college dive, if you prefer.


Date Night Outfits


One way to work this is to to dress like a student. Trying to blend in can be refreshing and offers an opportunity to relive your college days. Or, you can simply relish in your successful careerist self. What you wear to work already looks smart and polished. Amp up the romance after dark by adding more sparkly accessories, or use subtle gemstone accents–like stackable rings or bracelets–to nod to your college colors.


Get Cultured–And Classy

Catch an opera, go to the ballet, listen to a classical music performance. It will give you something to talk about, and an excuse to get extra dolled up.


Date Night Outfit - Dressy


Opals can be demure or opulent, making them a great choice for days when you need to transition to more formal attire after hours. Simple studs or a ring are striking but professional for daytime attire, especially when paired with a cozy cardigan, flats, and neutral makeup. Add on more gold and more diamonds later in the evening, along with some heels, a dressier cover up, and a touch of opalescent luminizer for a look that’s timeless as the artistic endeavors you’ll be enjoying.

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