What The Cut Of Your Engagement Rings Says About Your Wedding Style

The cut of your engagement ring–or ideal engagement ring!–can say a lot about you. Here, some of the hottest cuts on the market, and what they suggest about the wearer’s style.


Cushion Cut: Glamour, But GroundedClassic Cushion Cut


Cushion cut rings are a timeless look, but still pack a punch–it’s not a cut designed for subtle stones. The cut suggests opulence and glamour still grounded in tradition.


Princess Cut: Chic and CoolPrincess Cut Wedding Style



Princess cuts may sound girly, but have a cool, alternative edge. Take the ring’s lead and mix things up with wedding style that’s different but not overly adorned–the streamlined style of cool.


Colorful: On Trend and UniqueColorful Engagement Ring Style



Colorful engagement rings are on trend, and definately suggest that your wedding style should be colorful, too! More and more brides have discovered fun ways to inject color into their wedding, from switching up bridesmaid dresses, to unusual floral arrangements, to interesting color themes.

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