Fashion Week Inspired Bridal Trends: Paint it Black

Incorporating black into bridal couture isn’t completely original–but maybe that’s a good thing. The looks we’ve seen so far for Spring 2016 often use black in a way that’s sophisticated and refined– not just as shock value. Here, some of the season’s most glorious gowns–along with some inspiration for bring a little bit of darkness to your wedding!


Black Pearls


Black Pearl Jewelry - Bridal



Pearls=elegance. Black=edge. It’s a match made in heaven. Plus, many pearls have an kind of duochrome quality, meaning they may appear to have glints of other colors, such as emerald, in certain lighting. This makes them a great way to add interest to matte black, like the top of this Vera Wang Spring 2016 collection bridal ensemble.


Black + Color


Black Wedding Dress with Pops of Color



One of the biggest news items this season was the launch of Zac Posen’s collaboration with David’s Bridal, which will make couture quality and innovation more available to the masses. One of the wilder designs featured in the collection was this black floral gown. It’s a perfect example of the way black can make colors really pop. Get the effect with gemstone jewelry balanced by black diamonds or other black stones–it’ll give even the sweetest of hues, like that pink topaz, a more grown-up vibe perfect for a sophisticated wedding.


Black Basics

Black Bridal Accessories



Switch out your standard white diamonds for their black counterparts, et voila! You have a look that’s still simple and not trying to hard, but brings a little extra contrast to the table–kinda like this stunning Vera Wang number with just a touch of black detailing.


Black Rings

Black Bridal Dress and Rings



Maybe it’s a goth thing. Maybe it’s an NYC thing. A literary thing. Or just a serious, serious commitment to the LBD aesthetic. Either way, if you and your beau are really into black, maybe consider incorporating it into your engagement rings or wedding bands. These sparklers may not be conventional, but they’re certainly stunning. Classic cuts and materials keep the look timeless in a way that transcends color trends–kind of like this Sareh Nouri dress.

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