Five Things to Ask Before You Buy Your Wedding Bands

The perfect engagement ring may be a bit of a guessing game, but shopping for wedding bands is an exciting chance to shop together to find that perfect emblem of your bond as a couple. Picking out wedding bands should be fun–not stressful! Try using these questions to prep for a happier shopping experience.





Wedding Bands


Okay, this may sound obvious. But people have strong opinions! Plus, the sheer volume of options out there can be overwhelming, so it’s nice to go in with some filters to narrow the search. There’s white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, even mixed bands. Feel free to consult this image for an idea of what these all look like.



Your ring–or rings!–should work for your lifestyle. If one or both of you plan on doing a lot of hands-on, outdoor activities, consider your options. Maybe you’d like to invest in a super sturdy set of bands in platinum. Or perhaps it would make more sense to buy a set of less expensive rings in addition to more traditional bands, so that you have a set you feel comfortable wearing wherever. Or, maybe you’d like to purchase a small chain to hand your band on. The possibilities are endless–but it’s a conversation you need to have, as when to wear a band can be an emotionally loaded decision.



Alright, you may have heard of the one month or three month salary rule for engagement rings. But with wedding bands, there’s a bit more leeway. Maybe. No one wants to leave their significant other feeling cheated, or like a great deal on a ring somehow cheapens the whole thing. On the other hand, with the wedding day on the horizon, you may decide that you’d rather put the extra cash into an extra special venue, decorations, etc. Vendors like Szul cut costs by operating without a brick and mortar store and eliminating some of the middlemen typical to the business, which allows customers to get the same quality pieces at significantly lower pricing– check out their selection and sort by price to see some of their current specials.



A classic ring can be customized with diamonds or other stones and engraving. These options will cost extra, but do add a little something special. With engraving, costs will vary based on whether you would like the ring engraved by hand or by machine.


The Engagement Band

Decide on whether you’d like the wedding band to match the engagement band. If so, go for a piece with the same metals or a shadow band designed to fit with the engagement ring. Some brides prefer to wear only their wedding band on a day-to-day basis, but make sure to discuss this with first to avoid any hurt feelings.


Ready to get started shopping from the comfort of your home? Cuddle up and head over to the bridal boutique to browse the latest in wedding bands!


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