Rose Gold Wedding

If you’re planning a spring wedding, rose gold jewelry is a trend you’ll definitely want to check out. More understated than yellow gold, and warmer than silver or white gold, rosey metallic hues bring a fresh flush to any wedding. Below are some ideas to incorporate rose gold into your wedding.


The Bride


Rose Gold Wedding



Rose gold brings a unique and unexpected touch to wedding bands and engagement rings. The look is classic and feminine, but it stands out. The bridal sets featured in this set weave rose and white gold for a look that’s ornate without being too flashy–perfect for a spring bride and perfect to match the rose and blush hued downs that were popular in many Spring 2016 collections.



Mother of the Bride

Rose Gold Mother of the Bride


These pendants are a great gift for the mother of the bride–one which will match the theme and let the proud mom broadcast her special place in the ceremony.



Rose Gold Bridesmaid


Rose and rose gold bridesmaid dresses are flattering on a wide variety of skin tones. The color is wedding appropriate without being so out there that the dress will never be worn again. Simple jewelry in rose gold, like these pendants, looks chic and sparkling without becoming overtly distracting bling.

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