Something Blue: Gorgeous Blue Diamond and Sapphire Bridal Rings

Love the colorful engagement and wedding ring trend but want to make sure your pieces are enduring classics? Consider blue diamonds! Blue diamonds have the strength, brightness, and sparkle of traditional diamonds, but are imbued with lovely hues of the sea and sky. It is a great twist on classic style and leaves a lot of options on the table, here are a few:


Sapphire Beach


Sapphire Beach Wedding



Deep blue paired with crisp white is a great theme for a beach wedding that feels modern and mature. We loved the look of this sapphire bridal set–bold but classic, bright but grounded.


Birds of A Feather

Peacock Wedding Theme


These blue diamond bands can outshine even the most notoriously flashy of creatures– the peacock. While the amherst, olive, blue, teal, and chartreuse hues of peacock feathers make for a wedding theme works year round, it does share more than a few hues in common with Pantone’s fall 2015 color forecast.


Northern Brights

Northern Lights Wedding


Your wedding theme can draw inspiration from the aurora borealis without going into frozen territory. Taking style cues from such a breathtaking natural phenomenon is a recipe for gorgeous and memorable nuptials. Blue diamonds are elegant and ethereal enough for even the loftiest princesses, while still being subtle enough to work for the more grounded among us.


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