QUIZ! What Style of Engagement Ring Suits You?

Picking an engagement ring can be a daunting task. Even if you’ve been dreaming of marriage for most of your life, when push comes to shove, the options can be overwhelming. Take this quiz to see what style suits you! Alternately, answer as you think your intended would for some extra guidance in picking a ring that will dazzle.


Your dream vacation would be…


A: Wining and dining in Paris.

B: Hiking though Alaska.

C:  Backpacking through Thailand.

D: Sunning and clubbing in Miami.


Your perfect meal would involve….


A: Candlelight and roses.

B: A picnic somewhere stunning and remote.

C: Something new and exotic in a hip hole-in-the-wall

D: Four courses, formal wear, and champagne.


Your ideal dog breed would be…..


A: Something small and cuddly, like a Chihuahua or Shih Tzu.

B: A big dog who can keep up on long hikes, like a retriever or shepherd mix.

C: Something quirky looking, like French Bulldog or Corgi.

D: An elegant breed with a luxurious coat, like an Afghan hound, or maybe a Pekinese.


Your favorite lipstick is….


A: Pink or nude.

B: Chapstick.

C: Orange.

D: Red. Very red.


Mostly A’s

Romantic and feminine


Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings



Go for a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring in a timeless princess or round cut in a prong setting. You’ll appreciate the simple, delicate design. Instead of overdoing it with details, focus on finding a high quality stone.


Mostly B’s

Practical and outdoorsy


Wedding Bands Without Low Heights



You don’t want to worry about losing a stone, so aim for a style with very little height, like these beauties. For more interest without the fragility, go with ring in an unusual shape.


Mostly C’s

Bohemian and Hip


Antique Style Engagement Rings



Get a ring that’s as unique and stylish as you are. A vintage inspired look is a great place to start.


Mostly D’s



Glamorous Engagement Rings



You are all about the best of the best, and should have a ring that suits your more opulent tastes. These stunners should do the trick.


For more ring styles, or to build your own ring, check out the Szul bridal jewelry collection!


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