Beach Wedding Basics: What To Wear

Summer may be on the way out, but there’s still time for a couple more weddings–not to mention, destination wedding season is on the way! Dressing for the beach can be tricky–try these tips to look good and feel comfy!


Beach Formal


Beach Formal Wedding Attire



Beach formal dress code means something elegant but appropriate for the weather.


Gents: A summer suit jacket, linen shirt, khakis or linen pants, sandals or classy canvas shoes.You don’t need a tie, but little touches, like a stainless steel bracelet or coordinating ring, help insure the look is up to par.


Ladies: A sundress, knee length or just below the knee, with dressy flats– jeweled sandals are a great option. Hair and makeup can still be relatively light and natural. Quality accessories are especially important with this look, as the line between sundress and formal sundress can be tricky. Coordinating pieces, like a tennis bracelet and matching studs, or drop necklace with matching rings, are a good way to pull together a look that can be too undone.  If you do go the embellished sandal route, match your metals to the sandal.


Beach Casual


Casual Beach Wedding Attire


Annnd then there’s beach casual, which can actually be more confounding. Just a notch below formalwear, but still classy. Don’t wear swimwear, but you might want to keep a bathing suit handy!


Gents: Something nice with a collar, i.e. a button down or polo shirt (short sleeves are fine), khakis or light dress pants, nice sandals or casual loafers. Again, a simple, smart accessory helps you look polished and intentional.


Ladies: A nice top and skirt or dress pants, or a sundress– doesn’t have to be below the knee, but nothing too short or clingy– plus sandals, but not rubber flip-flops or anything garishly plastic. Hair and makeup should be natural. Accessories really help make more casual outfits look wedding ready, although you don’t want to over-do it if the wedding invite explicitly requests casual garb. Simple, coordinated pieces look polished and don’t scream formal. Plus, they are great for matching other accessories, so you can always bring additional, travel friendly pieces and slip them on or off once you see the rest of the guests’ ensembles.

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