Bridal Accessories for Every Neckline


Accessories are how you make a dress your own. They’re the key to expressing your unique personality, no matter how traditional the outfit may be. Accessories should offer a taste of your own aesthetic while also complimenting the dress. Below is our guide to the best accessories for different dress necklines.




Strapless Wedding Dress Styled With Szul Jewelry



Drop or chandelier style earrings bring extra attention to the face, which is important with this style. Showing a lot of skin up top is a great way to show off the shoulders and clavicle region, but can overwhelm the face. Forgoing a necklace in favor of drop earrings is also a great way to elongate the neck.




V-neck wedding dress paired with Szul jewelry



Deep necklines call for necklaces–they break up a dramatic drop. Long, simple pendants are a great way to give this style extra polish without being too distracting.




Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Dress Styled with Szul Jewelry



Why not play up the heart-shape of this flattering cut with heart shaped bridal jewelry? Keep it simple, with one great heart shaped piece—like cute studs or a bracelet.

Need help accessorizing your dream dress? Check out our wide selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more!

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