Black Beauty: Black Diamond Rings

Looking for unique diamond jewelry is more popular than ever before. As the number of options for styles has expanded so too has the variety of colored diamonds widely available. Of all of them black diamonds could be the most unique and are currently available in a great selection of styles with inspiration from a variety of places:


SunflowersSunflower Wedding


Sunflowers may be pretty, but there’s a tougher side to these plants. Did you know that thousands were planted in Fukushima post-meltdown in hopes they’d help decontaminate the area? That plan may not have worked, but the flowers did thrive. Why not channel that combination of grace and durability in your wedding–starting with a gold and black diamond band as striking those signature blooms.


Birch TreesBirch Tree Wedding



Birch trees are stately and elegant. Their distinct bark and vibrant foliage offer a subdued color palate that’s understated without being dull–much like these black diamond rings, which despite seeming classic are quite unique.


Monarch ButterfliesMonarch Butterfly Wedding


Monarchs may look delicate, but they are also strong enough to migrate thousands of miles each winter. That makes this butterfly a beautiful and meaningful symbol to draw from for wedding themes. We love the way these black and white diamonds sparkle bright like the monarch’s elegant and unique wings.


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