Match Your Metals – Bridal Jewelry by Dress Color

We’re all familiar with the significance of finding that perfect wedding gown. Bridal jewelry is how you make that dress yours.  Below, our guide to matching your metals with your dress color.


Optical White Wedding Dress with Szul Accessories


Stark White

The brightest, whitest white of them all, this color works best for brides with darker skin tones, as it may wash fairer complexions out. Stark white should be paired with silver or pearl accessories, as brighter metals–such as gold–may clash.


Rose Gold Jewelry with Natural White Dress


Natural White

This shade is a tad darker than stark white, but still whiter than ivory. This makes it easier to pair with a variety of metals and stones, such as rose gold.


Ivory Dress with Szul Accessories



Ivory is the most popular choice in contemporary wedding dress colors, as it flatters a variety of skin tones. It tends to have creamy or even yellow undertones, which look their best when paired with gold accessories.


Champagne Wedding Dress with Szul Pearls



Champagne dresses come in a wide variety of shades. The lightest are similar to ivory but with some pink undertones, while darker versions are more of a warm pink. Pearls in slightly blush hues may be too matchy-matchy, so try pieces that mix pearls and crystals.


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