The Dark Side of Summer

Look: summer brights are fun and all, but when it comes to versatility, black is back. Classic, edgy, formal or alternative, dark colors have a place in our hearts no matter what the season. Black onyx, pearls, and diamonds take these sophisticated warm weather looks to the next level.

Rainbow Topaz Necklace With Summer Darks




Rainbow topaz is a stunning stone that has that dark “edge” while still being stunningly colorful. Let it shine with a simple monochrome or color blocked outfit, then bring out the glimmers of olive, violet, or sapphire with other accessories.  Rainbow topaz is a standout stone, perfect for adding that bit of interest to a black summer ensemble fast.

Tough & Ladylike Outfit With Szul Jewelry



Rough & Refined

Sweet, ladylike bows are the perfect answer to that tougher summer trend of lace up tops and dresses. Pair these pretty black diamond pieces with looks that seem a little rough around the edges for an end result that’s complex and intriguing.

Black, White and Silver Look Styled With Szul Jewelry



Comfy & Classy

The most on the go among us know that black and white is a quick, easy, and almost always appropriate way to look pulled together fast. Bump things up a notch with these black and silver rings, which like your go-to stripes are easy and elegant.

Fun Prints with Classic Jewelry by Szul



Black Humor

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: grown up, classic cuts are the way to go when balancing out a cutesy outfit. Black jewelry can be especially effective at “adulting” a novelty piece, like this frenchie clutch, because it’s such a classic, neutral color.

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