Pool Party Pretty: Pairing Jewelry with Swimsuits

A cute suit or cover up is just as much an investment as any other summer outfit, and with the variety of pool or seaside social gatherings ahead, just as versatile. So doesn’t pretty swimwear deserve equally pretty accessories? Try these tips for pairing jewelry with swimwear.


Black swimwear and gold jewelry



Pick One or Two Types

You don’t want to overwhelm the look or get too matchy-matchy with jewelry all over. Stick with a necklace and ring, bracelet and earrings, etc. Or better yet, go with one statement piece.


Szul Ring and Swimsuit



Wear Sunscreen

Not only does it help prevent skin cancer, it keeps you from acquiring bauble-shaped tan lines.


Leaf ring with leaf swimsuit



Stick with Solids in the Sand

Going to the shore? Avoid anything too soft and vulnerable, like rose gold, citrine or sapphire, which can easily be scratched by sand. Play it safe and stick with solids like gold and silver, or hard gemstones, like diamonds and rubies.


Cover up styled with Szul Jewelry



More Skin, Less Shine

Delicate necklaces or bracelets work well with figure-flaunting swimsuits, while bolder, chunkier statement pieces are best paired with sundresses or coverups.


White one-piece with Szul initial pendant



No Silver with Salt

Sterling silver can tarnish quickly in chlorine and saltwater, so if you plan on wearing your jewelry while you swim, stick with solid gold.

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