Modern Pearls: Contemporary Twists on the Classic

Love the look of pearls, but uncertain of their place beyond bridal parties and country clubs? Good news: pearls are trendier than ever to bring a classic touch to the the latest looks. Try these tips for wearing pearls today!

Athletic Wear Styled With Szul Pearl Jewelry



Pair With Athleisure

Athleisure is still trendy–just look at the recent health goth trend. Pairing pearls with sporty pieces is a great way to bring balance and interest to your look. The key is to invest in quality athletic wear, and to try to match colors.. For example, pair a cream pearl bracelet with cream colored slip on sneakers, or a black pearl bracelet with an upscale black hoodie.


Brights Styled with Szul Pearl Jewelry



Bling Out Your Brights

When in doubt, defer to fashion queen and real-life Dutchess Kate Middleton. Kate has been a key player in the resurgence of pearl jewelry. One way she makes the old school staple trendy is by using muted, ladylike pearls to contrast bright or bold colors.


Pearl Necklaces to Wear In Hair



Wear in Your Hair

Make your pearls Coachella-chic by using them as a festival-ready headband. Take a shorter pearl necklace, drape over your head, and secure with bobby pins. Check out this video for a visual. Pendant style necklaces provide more of a diadem effect, while simple strands are a little more straight forward.


Denim and Pearls, Styled With Szul Jewelry



Dress Up Your Jeans

Having a jeans and a t-shirt kinda day, but need at least a little bit of a boost? Pearls pair great with denim. Wear two classic favorites by sticking with a simple pearl cuff or strand paired with fitted, gently distressed denim for a look that’s ladylike without being too made-up.

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