Dress Up Your Sundress

It’s that time of year again, when women across the country can pull out that floatiest, lightest, most beloved of garments: the sundress. The perfect sundress keeps you cool on hot days and makes getting ready for the beach or the bar a cinch. Its only downfall? Sundresses can feel a bit simple, especially if you are fortunate enough to have found one you have been wearing for many seasons. Accessories are the fastest, most effective way to keep your look updated and fun. Here are some ideas for what to wear with this season’s prettiest styles.



White Summer Dress w/ Gold Accessories



The Little White Dress

Want to make your white dress even more striking? Pair it with lots of color. White and yellow gold give you that greek-goddess look, while gemstones in bright colors really pop in contrast. Take advantage of the versatility of white to bring out vivid, confident pieces


Strapless Dress and Accesories




Strapless styles are all about showing off the neck and collarbone region. Necklaces, especially longer styles, can distract the eye. Instead, try drop or chandelier style earrings. Bonus points for pairing with a messy updo.



Romper Styled with Szul Pearl Jewelry




The romper is a particularly polarizing style. At worst, it can be too childish, but done right, it offers all the comfort and security of pants with the femininity and put-togetherness of a dress. To really bring it into big-girl territory, pair with a simple but elegant pearls for a look that’s ladylike and fun.


Long Patterned Dress Styled with Szul Jewelry



Patterned, Maxi, Bohemian

What was it that Coco Chanel said, something about always taking off a piece of jewelry before leaving the house? Well, forget that! The bohemian trend is all about layering. The trick is to keep the pieces simple and balanced. Try delicate pendant necklaces paired with rings in mixed metals for a look that’s luxe and laid back. Bonus points for using pieces with a vintage look.



Black dress styled with Szul Jewelry



Summer Blacks and Blues

Black and navy can seem severe in summer, but there’s nothing more flattering–or easier to take you straight from the boardroom to the boardwalk. When you’re in the office, transform yourself with a blazer, simple studs, and a bracelet in a matching metal and stone. After hours, mix it up with a fun statement piece, like initial pendants. You can even keep your professional pieces at your desk for emergency makeovers.

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