Graduation Gifts for Every Level

It’s graduation season! Whether they’re graduating high school, college, grad school, a certification program, or even middle school, one great way to celebrate the grad in your life is with the gift of jewelry. A quality piece of jewelry will last your grad through trends, jobs, and careers, a constant reminder of how proud you are of them. Here are our suggestions for some great gifts for grads of any age.

Junior High Graduation Gifts by Szul Jewelry

Middle School

Middle school graduation is a great time to introduce your daughter to quality, classy jewelry. The key is to pick something classic enough to last but simple and chic enough to fit in with all those many phases to come. It should also be age appropriate–think light and sweet, not big and blingy. Pendants work nicely for girls this age. They’re a little harder to lose than small studs or rings. Worried about investing too much in something your child might lose? Don’t worry–Szul has many affordable options and frequent sales.

Zodiac and Initual Pendants Plus Engravable Bracelet and Money clip from Szul Jewelry


High School

Identity becomes increasingly important to high school graduates, many of whom will be leaving home for the first time to set out on their own. Zodiac, initials, and engraved jewelry are a great way to give them a reminder that you will always love them for who they are.

College Graduation Gifts from Szul Jewelry


College or Trade School

Graduates from college or trade school are about to embark on a series of career-level interviews. Send them off with confidence with a jewelry set featuring neat, classic pieces that will add a professional touch to their interview outfits.  Another pretty and practical idea is a simple tennis bracelet–endlessly versatile and always chic.

Grad School Graduation Gifts from Sul Jewelry


Graduate School

Time to put a ring on it! A big, solid ring is a great professional piece, not to mention one which they’ll see every time they type up grant proposals or shake hands. Bonus points if you can find one to match the field they’ve dedicated themselves to (someone please buy a stylish herpetologist that snake ring!).

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