Citrine For Summer

Pantone may have named marsala color of the year, but we’re claiming citrine as the color of the season. What could be more summery than the hue of this vibrant gemstone, which captures the rich gold and yellows of summer sunshine? Join team #citrine and try these fresh looks.

Wear to work with Szul Citrine Jewelry

 The Powerhouse

Citrine is said to be a “success stone.” Whether or not you believe in citrine’s purported powers to attract abundance, it certainly can’t hurt to have this confident color on in the office. The key to pulling off contemporary gemstones in more traditional professional environments is to stick with classic cuts.

Nautical Style + Citrine Szul Jewelry

 On Fleek for Fleet Week

Nautical ensembles are a trend that seems to keep coming back. Keep the Fleet Week spirit going with a citrine twist by pairing stripes with sweet, slightly quirky citrine accessories, like unusual pendant necklaces, to balance prep with pop.

Kimono Dress Style with Szul Citrine Jewelry

 Cute With Kimonos

Kimonos were trending on the spring and summer catwalks. Balance the kimono’s flowy (and oh-so comfy!) silhouette with an updo and delicate earrings.

Red With Szul Citrine Jewelry

Sunset Hues

Bright, bold red is another so-called “trend” that is also ever-so classic. Give it an extra summery edge by pairing with sunny citrine set in yellow gold for a look to compete with the summer sunsets.

Bohemian Sunshine - Boho Dress with Szul Citrine

 Bohemian Sunshine

Stay chic on the hottest of summer days with gauzy white hippy-couture dresses. Stones such as coral and turquoise are familiar pairings for 70’s inspired looks, but citrine brings a fresh, classy touch to breezy ensembles.


Convinced yet? Tell us how you wear your citrine, and spread the word that team #citrine is taking over!

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