Classic With a Twist: Three Favorite Wedding Themes and The Gems to Match

Everyone wants a wedding theme that feels unique, but not alienating. These classic color schemes–and the perfect jewelry to accent them–feel fresh for the changing seasons yet timeless enough to keep the whole family happy. They’ll also make for wedding photos you’ll be happy to share for generations to come.


Masculine and Feminine


Navy Blue and Hot Pink



Navy blue and hot pink make for a striking combo. It’s old-school conservative meets sugary sweet for a look that’s got some kick without getting too out there. Pink topaz jewelry is a sweet, girly touch for bridesmaids, while sapphire and diamond earrings or bridal bands look elegant and sophisticated on brides.


Medieval Touches


Medieval Wedding Touches



You can get that medieval touch without going full Ren-fair. Sumptuous velvet, foil embossed stationery, and rich hues of wine give weddings a royal flair that feels timeless. Garnets are a great choice for brides who want that luxe, dramatic look without going into costume territory. Vintage touches, like the patterned setting of the earrings, are ornate without being overpowering, and pair well with classic cathedrals or stately fall forest weddings.  


Honey and Wheat


Honey and Wheat



Feel at home with this warm color theme. Yellow gold and soft citrine are sophisticated yet right at home in rustic settings, like farmhouses, wineries, or country churches. Keep things from getting too cozy with soft but edgy details, like these autumn-orange bridesmaid dresses or even a wheat-colored wedding gown–flattering for brides who feel washed out by paler shades.
What gem inspired color combos are you loving this season? Share in the comments!

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