Father’s Day Picks for Dad

Shopping for men can feel like pulling teeth. It’s easy to resort to practical gifts, like socks, a tried-and-true cologne, or yet another piece of sports fan paraphernalia. Men’s jewelry is a great present because it’s the kind of thing men often aren’t so willing to treat themselves to. But a well-chosen, high-quality piece is an often unexpected gift that will bring a smile to the dad in your life. Here are some ideas for simple, masculine pieces to please even the most spartan of tastes.

Cuff links by Szul


Cuff Links

Cuff links are a great basic that many men simply don’t have yet in their wardrobe. Inside every man is that debonair 007, whether he knows it or not. A smart pair of cufflinks is a great self esteem boost to add that little bit of confident flair to an outfit. Take him out for a fancy brunch or steak dinner to give him an excuse to show off his new bling.

Money Clips by Szul Jewelry


Money Clips

For the irrepressibly practical man, money clips afford an opportunity to give a gift with both style and utility. Go ultra-practical with a combined money clip and card holder, or  artsy with an engraved piece.

Tie Accessories by Szul Jewelry


Tie Clips

With summer’s array of outdoor social functions just around the corner, it’s especially useful to have a tie clip or tack in one’s arsenal. Think outdoor weddings, office parties, and rooftop client meetings. Maybe the men in your life don’t even realize there’s a product to keep their ties in place! Even if you may have to walk them through how to wear it, a tie clip will soon become a welcome, subtle addition to dad’s wardrobe.

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