Fashion Week Inspired Bridal Trends: Paint it Black

Incorporating black into bridal couture isn’t completely original–but maybe that’s a good thing. The looks we’ve seen so far for Spring 2016 often use black in a way that’s sophisticated and refined– not just as shock value. Here, some of the season’s most glorious gowns–along with some inspiration for bring a little bit of darkness to your wedding!


Black Pearls


Black Pearl Jewelry - Bridal



Pearls=elegance. Black=edge. It’s a match made in heaven. Plus, many pearls have an kind of duochrome quality, meaning they may appear to have glints of other colors, such as emerald, in certain lighting. This makes them a great way to add interest to matte black, like the top of this Vera Wang Spring 2016 collection bridal ensemble.


Black + Color


Black Wedding Dress with Pops of Color



One of the biggest news items this season was the launch of Zac Posen’s collaboration with David’s Bridal, which will make couture quality and innovation more available to the masses. One of the wilder designs featured in the collection was this black floral gown. It’s a perfect example of the way black can make colors really pop. Get the effect with gemstone jewelry balanced by black diamonds or other black stones–it’ll give even the sweetest of hues, like that pink topaz, a more grown-up vibe perfect for a sophisticated wedding.


Black Basics

Black Bridal Accessories



Switch out your standard white diamonds for their black counterparts, et voila! You have a look that’s still simple and not trying to hard, but brings a little extra contrast to the table–kinda like this stunning Vera Wang number with just a touch of black detailing.


Black Rings

Black Bridal Dress and Rings



Maybe it’s a goth thing. Maybe it’s an NYC thing. A literary thing. Or just a serious, serious commitment to the LBD aesthetic. Either way, if you and your beau are really into black, maybe consider incorporating it into your engagement rings or wedding bands. These sparklers may not be conventional, but they’re certainly stunning. Classic cuts and materials keep the look timeless in a way that transcends color trends–kind of like this Sareh Nouri dress.

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Four Hot Ways to Use Digital Media and Technology to Enhance Your Wedding

When it comes to weddings, technology has the power to enhance tradition. Check out these four trends in using digital media to make planning and executing your wedding easier and more fun than ever!

Wedding Hashtags

Hashtags aren’t just about starting trends–they’re a way for your whole crew to find each other on social media and share updates. Coin and share a hashtag for guests to use on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You’ll be able to use it post wedding to find great pictures!


Wedding Websites

Wedding websites are a great way to really gather all your updates and share your registry. They can be a great way to enhance your guest’s experience, too, from providing tips on where to stay and what to do around your wedding venue to offering a more detailed dress code. Sites like The Knot, My Wedding and Wedding Window all offer free wedding-page building services, which makes it super-simple to make a professional looking website fast.



One of the biggest perks of the digital era is the ability to share your day with people who might not otherwise be able to be there. Skype, Facetime, and other video conferencing services mean anyone can have a seat at your ceremony.


E-tail Pricing

E-tail businesses have eliminated many of the major expenses associated with running a traditional brick and mortar store, and are able to pass those savings along to customers. This means it’s easier than ever to find the same quality products at reduced prices. Just make sure you’re buying from a reputable company that specializes in one area–if a shop also sells really random or general products, there’s probably something fishy going on. Also make sure the shop has clear return policies, so that you can try different items and make a decision in the comfort of your home. Need an example? Check out Szul’s comprehensive return and exchange policy:


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October Opals

Our favorite October birthstone? Opal! This gemstone looks like many colors depending on the light–a quality which led ancient people to develop many beliefs about the magical powers of opals. Here, a little background on this opulent–and intriguing–gemstone.


Opal and Diamond Pendant

Opal and Diamond Pendant

Roman Roots

The ancient Romans were enamored with opals. In the words of 75 AD Roman scholar Pliny, “Some opali carry such a play within them that they equal the deepest and richest colors of painters. Others…simulate the flaming fire of burning sulphur and even the bright blaze of burning oil.”  Opalus–the Roman name for opals–was synonymous with precious stone. Medieval Europeans believed the stone carried all the powers of the other stones whose colors were represented within it. In various other times, they’ve been believed to preserve the color of blonde hair, be a key ingredient for invisibility, and promote more limitless possibilities for the stone’s owner.


Opal Stud Earrings

Opal Stud Earrings

The Dark Side

The stone, however, hasn’t always been so universally adored. In the 1800’s, author Sir Walter Scott nearly completely–and unintentionally– derailed the opal industry with the publication of his novel Anne of Geierstein. In it, a baroness accused of being a demoness is killed when a drop of holy water touches her opal–a scene which was widely interpreted to mean that opals in general were unlucky. Many began to view opals as bad luck. In some areas, shopkeepers stopped selling the stone at all–sad news for admirers of the opal.


Opal and Diamond Ring

Opal and Diamond Ring

Back Up From Down Under

Interest in opals was revived in the late 1800s, due in part to public interest piqued by the discovery of many large and unusual opals in Australia. Australia quickly became the top producer of opals. Additionally, many scholars–both of literature and of jewels–were beginning to speak out against the anti-opal sentiment spurred by Scott, pointing out both issues with the interpretation of the novel and describing the stone’s beauty.


Today, the popularity of opals continues to price, despite the centuries old prejudice. The opal’s complicated, rich history only adds to the charm of this complex and beautiful stone, making it an thoughtful and interesting gift piece. Need more inspiration? Check out the Szul opal collection here!

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Promise Rings 101

From mild-mannered Victorians to Miley Cyrus, promise rings have a unique place in the culture of romance. This pre-matrimonial trend piece can have a wide range of meanings, and comes in numerous styles. Here are the basics:

Yellow Gold Promise Ring With Heart Detail

Yellow Gold Promise Ring With Heart Detail

What They Mean

Promise rings can be a way to signify your intention to become engaged. They can also function as a symbol to a more general commitment to one another. They’re increasingly becoming a trend among couples who cohabitate, but for financial or other reasons don’t wish to marry, or don’t wish to marry until later in life. The term promise ring is sometimes used interchangeably with purity ring–a ring worn to signify a commitment to abstinence–but historically, they are two very different traditions.


Three Stone Promise Ring in Rose Gold

Three Stone Promise Ring in Rose Gold

How to Shop Them

Popular promise ring styles include infinity rings, designs with small hearts, or meaningful stones. They are normally significantly less expensive than engagement rings– the Szul promise ring collection starts at $99. They should be simple and delicate enough not to compete with a future engagement ring.


Diamond Promise Ring

Diamond Promise Ring

How To Wear Them

Promise rings are generally worn on the ring finger of left hand if unmarried, or ring finger of the right hand if married. They are also sometimes worn on a chain around the neck.


Blue and White Diamond Promise Ring

Blue and White Diamond Promise Ring

How To Give Them

Just because they are less expensive than traditional engagement rings doesn’t mean promise rings should be given lightly. Promise rings should only be given after a couple has been together for some time–normally, a minimum of one year. Valentine’s Day and anniversaries are popular–and appropriate–occasions to give promise rings. Because they are a newer tradition, it’s important to pick an event where you’ll have time to discuss the meaning of the gift, and what it signifies to you–it’s not supposed to pack the self-explanatory punch of a big diamond engagement ring.


Ready to level up from promise rings to full-on engagement rings? We’ve got you covered–view our diamond engagement ring and  bridal sets collection here!

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Traditional Anniversary Gifts For Your 20th, 25th, and 30th Years Together

Anniversary Gifts - 20th, 25th, and 30th



20th Anniversary: Platinum

True love is rare. Celebrate it with platinum, rarest of metals. It doesn’t tarnish or wear out–so it’ll be just a pretty in another 20 years!


25th Anniversary: Silver

Silver jewelry is perhaps the most versatile. It can be elegant, but it also great for everyday pieces, like the delicate pendant style necklaces which have been popular lately.


30th Anniversary: Diamonds

They’re a girl’s best friend, which is perhaps why diamonds are the traditional gift for several big anniversaries. You can go classic, with something like a simple tennis bracelet, or try something a bit bolder, like an interesting ring. By now, you probably know your partner’s taste.

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Traditional Anniversary Gifts For Your 10th, 11th, and 12th Years Together

Today’s world can be tough on couples. Long hours, long commutes, rising costs of childcare and healthcare–perhaps it’s no wonder divorce rates are so high. But if you make it to these big anniversaries, chances are, you’ve found something really special–and someone who brings you joy every day, no matter how hectic it gets. Bring a little extra joy to the special occasions you share with these classic anniversary gifts.


Anniversary Gifts, Years 10-12



10 Years

Diamonds are the traditional gift for couples celebrating their first decade together. It’s customary to go with more classic, timeless styles for this occasion.


11 Years

Fashion jewelry is the official 11th anniversary gift. Basically, “fashion jewelry” describes pieces in trendier cuts and styles. Just because it’s a little edgier doesn’t mean it should be poorly made, or made from cheap materials–much of today’s fashion jewelry is much more high quality than the costume jewelry of old, and certainly more appropriate for an anniversary gift.


12 Years

Pearls time! Whether it’s the classic strand or something a bit more modern, give the gift that is always elegant.


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Bridesmaid Gift Etiquette

For most brides to be, bridesmaids are instrumental. Whether brainstorming wedding ideas, handling emergency wardrobe fixes, or just lots of emotional support, they’re there for you. A bridesmaid gift is both a token of appreciation and a way to remember what may well be a rare–and happy!–reunion for your crew.


What To Get

Jewelry is a classic choice–especially bracelets. Details like birthstones or initial pendants are a great way to personalize pieces. Coordinating pieces can make for a cute wedding day look, and some fun photos! When choosing an item you should take the tastes of each bridesmaid into account, this is their gift after all! One solution is to pick different pieces for each bridesmaid. You could also pair an item of jewelry with another gift, like a pretty jewelry box or display case.


Birthstone Jewelry



How to Give

It’s up to you when and how you want to present the gifts. Typically, gifts are given the day before the ceremony. This is obviously preferable if you’d like the bridesmaids to wear the gifts for the wedding. It also tends to be a little easier logistically–after the wedding, things can get a bit chaotic.


Initial Pendants


What to Spend

Base your budget on how much your bridesmaids are expected to spend. If they’re buying their own dresses, plane tickets, etc. you might want to spend a bit more. It’s okay to keep things budget friendly for smaller-scale affairs, or if you’re giving multiple gifts. $75-$150 is the general range most experts recommend staying in, though it’s okay to go lower if the item’s actual market value is higher; for example, Szul is able to offer many pieces that would normally retail for $200 plus for under $100.


Zodiac Pendants


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