QUIZ! What Style of Engagement Ring Suits You?

Picking an engagement ring can be a daunting task. Even if you’ve been dreaming of marriage for most of your life, when push comes to shove, the options can be overwhelming. Take this quiz to see what style suits you! Alternately, answer as you think your intended would for some extra guidance in picking a ring that will dazzle.


Your dream vacation would be…


A: Wining and dining in Paris.

B: Hiking though Alaska.

C:  Backpacking through Thailand.

D: Sunning and clubbing in Miami.


Your perfect meal would involve….


A: Candlelight and roses.

B: A picnic somewhere stunning and remote.

C: Something new and exotic in a hip hole-in-the-wall

D: Four courses, formal wear, and champagne.


Your ideal dog breed would be…..


A: Something small and cuddly, like a Chihuahua or Shih Tzu.

B: A big dog who can keep up on long hikes, like a retriever or shepherd mix.

C: Something quirky looking, like French Bulldog or Corgi.

D: An elegant breed with a luxurious coat, like an Afghan hound, or maybe a Pekinese.


Your favorite lipstick is….


A: Pink or nude.

B: Chapstick.

C: Orange.

D: Red. Very red.


Mostly A’s

Romantic and feminine


Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings



Go for a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring in a timeless princess or round cut in a prong setting. You’ll appreciate the simple, delicate design. Instead of overdoing it with details, focus on finding a high quality stone.


Mostly B’s

Practical and outdoorsy


Wedding Bands Without Low Heights



You don’t want to worry about losing a stone, so aim for a style with very little height, like these beauties. For more interest without the fragility, go with ring in an unusual shape.


Mostly C’s

Bohemian and Hip


Antique Style Engagement Rings



Get a ring that’s as unique and stylish as you are. A vintage inspired look is a great place to start.


Mostly D’s



Glamorous Engagement Rings



You are all about the best of the best, and should have a ring that suits your more opulent tastes. These stunners should do the trick.


For more ring styles, or to build your own ring, check out the Szul bridal jewelry collection!


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Americana Style


Fourth of July may be over, but there’s still plenty of summer left for county fairs, baseball games, and plenty of other opportunities to try these Americana-inspired looks.




Americana Styled With Szul Jewelry


Cherry Pie

There’s something super American about cherry prints. But, like a good cherry pie, it’s good to balance the sugary with the tangy. Keep the look from getting too sweet with sophisticated ruby jewelry in classic, cherry-round cuts.



Refined Tomboy


Refined Tomboy

Cutoffs and converse are cozy staples. Pair them with a simple tennis bracelet and studs for a look that’s luxe and laid back.



Polka Dot Look Styled With Szul Jewelry


Polka Dots

Polka dots are retro-chic. Tone down the kitschy and kick up the class with elegant pieces in matching hues and shapes, like the citrine drop necklace and ring.



American Look with Szul Jewelry


I <3 America

What’s red, white, and blue all over? This look, styled with sapphire jewelry featuring heart motifs. These pieces are also available in ruby, for a bolder–but still patriotic–look.


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Black Beauty: Black Diamond Rings

Looking for unique diamond jewelry is more popular than ever before. As the number of options for styles has expanded so too has the variety of colored diamonds widely available. Of all of them black diamonds could be the most unique and are currently available in a great selection of styles with inspiration from a variety of places:


SunflowersSunflower Wedding


Sunflowers may be pretty, but there’s a tougher side to these plants. Did you know that thousands were planted in Fukushima post-meltdown in hopes they’d help decontaminate the area? That plan may not have worked, but the flowers did thrive. Why not channel that combination of grace and durability in your wedding–starting with a gold and black diamond band as striking those signature blooms.


Birch TreesBirch Tree Wedding



Birch trees are stately and elegant. Their distinct bark and vibrant foliage offer a subdued color palate that’s understated without being dull–much like these black diamond rings, which despite seeming classic are quite unique.


Monarch ButterfliesMonarch Butterfly Wedding


Monarchs may look delicate, but they are also strong enough to migrate thousands of miles each winter. That makes this butterfly a beautiful and meaningful symbol to draw from for wedding themes. We love the way these black and white diamonds sparkle bright like the monarch’s elegant and unique wings.


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Bridal Accessories for Every Neckline


Accessories are how you make a dress your own. They’re the key to expressing your unique personality, no matter how traditional the outfit may be. Accessories should offer a taste of your own aesthetic while also complimenting the dress. Below is our guide to the best accessories for different dress necklines.




Strapless Wedding Dress Styled With Szul Jewelry



Drop or chandelier style earrings bring extra attention to the face, which is important with this style. Showing a lot of skin up top is a great way to show off the shoulders and clavicle region, but can overwhelm the face. Forgoing a necklace in favor of drop earrings is also a great way to elongate the neck.




V-neck wedding dress paired with Szul jewelry



Deep necklines call for necklaces–they break up a dramatic drop. Long, simple pendants are a great way to give this style extra polish without being too distracting.




Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Dress Styled with Szul Jewelry



Why not play up the heart-shape of this flattering cut with heart shaped bridal jewelry? Keep it simple, with one great heart shaped piece—like cute studs or a bracelet.

Need help accessorizing your dream dress? Check out our wide selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more!

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Match Your Metals – Bridal Jewelry by Dress Color

We’re all familiar with the significance of finding that perfect wedding gown. Bridal jewelry is how you make that dress yours.  Below, our guide to matching your metals with your dress color.


Optical White Wedding Dress with Szul Accessories


Stark White

The brightest, whitest white of them all, this color works best for brides with darker skin tones, as it may wash fairer complexions out. Stark white should be paired with silver or pearl accessories, as brighter metals–such as gold–may clash.


Rose Gold Jewelry with Natural White Dress


Natural White

This shade is a tad darker than stark white, but still whiter than ivory. This makes it easier to pair with a variety of metals and stones, such as rose gold.


Ivory Dress with Szul Accessories



Ivory is the most popular choice in contemporary wedding dress colors, as it flatters a variety of skin tones. It tends to have creamy or even yellow undertones, which look their best when paired with gold accessories.


Champagne Wedding Dress with Szul Pearls



Champagne dresses come in a wide variety of shades. The lightest are similar to ivory but with some pink undertones, while darker versions are more of a warm pink. Pearls in slightly blush hues may be too matchy-matchy, so try pieces that mix pearls and crystals.


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The Dark Side of Summer

Look: summer brights are fun and all, but when it comes to versatility, black is back. Classic, edgy, formal or alternative, dark colors have a place in our hearts no matter what the season. Black onyx, pearls, and diamonds take these sophisticated warm weather looks to the next level.

Rainbow Topaz Necklace With Summer Darks




Rainbow topaz is a stunning stone that has that dark “edge” while still being stunningly colorful. Let it shine with a simple monochrome or color blocked outfit, then bring out the glimmers of olive, violet, or sapphire with other accessories.  Rainbow topaz is a standout stone, perfect for adding that bit of interest to a black summer ensemble fast.

Tough & Ladylike Outfit With Szul Jewelry



Rough & Refined

Sweet, ladylike bows are the perfect answer to that tougher summer trend of lace up tops and dresses. Pair these pretty black diamond pieces with looks that seem a little rough around the edges for an end result that’s complex and intriguing.

Black, White and Silver Look Styled With Szul Jewelry



Comfy & Classy

The most on the go among us know that black and white is a quick, easy, and almost always appropriate way to look pulled together fast. Bump things up a notch with these black and silver rings, which like your go-to stripes are easy and elegant.

Fun Prints with Classic Jewelry by Szul



Black Humor

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: grown up, classic cuts are the way to go when balancing out a cutesy outfit. Black jewelry can be especially effective at “adulting” a novelty piece, like this frenchie clutch, because it’s such a classic, neutral color.

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Aquamarine Dream – Five Ways to Wear Summer’s Coolest Color

Blame it on Elsa–one of the biggest trends this season is aquamarine. Not that we mind–hues of pale, brightened blues and teals feel refreshing as the temperatures continue to rise. Whether you’re using the actual aquamarine stone (a cooler, grayer blue) or blue topaz (a brighter stone with some teal to it), we invite you to dive in to aquamarine fashion–here’s how to channel the Frozen color without getting too precious.

Wedding Ready Styled with Szul Jewelry


Be the something blue! The timeless cuts of these aquamarine pieces make them a great way to balance less conservative dress or accessory choices, like the floral print of platform sandals.

Urban Explorer Style With Szul Jewelry


Urban Explorer
The antique look of these aquamarine studs gives them a cool, vintage vibe–perfect for pairing with a long Bohemian skirt and quirky crop top. Jewelry lends a classic touch that adds polish to a look that could be too trendy.

Going Out Outfit Styled with Szul Jewelry - Aquamarine Theme


Night Out
Bling on the night with a wrist full of aquamarine sparkle. It’s easier to layer jewelry when you stick with high-quality, simple pieces, like these–let the sparkle be the statement.

Sunday Fun-Day Outfit Styled With Szul Jewelry


Sunday Fun-Day
Look like a laid back princess by pairing sweet, heart-shaped aquamarine and diamond pieces with a simple, easy to wear ensemble, perfect for lounging or running errands in style.

Aquamarine Office


Corporate Queen

Aquamarine can be a power color when worn with confidence. A coordinated jewelry set is an easy way to make sure you are always ready with the perfect accessories for dressy business occasions–it’s an instant power-up for the basic shift dress and pumps uniform.

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